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(SKU: NSC943) Romantic Striking Sparkling Lite Siam Crystal Jewelry with Earrings
(SKU: NSC938) Fashionable Affordable Beautiful Aquamarine Crystal Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC942) Dainty Delicate Rose Pink Crystal Jewelry Best Gift For Your Love
(SKU: NSC884) Passionate Gorgeous Gift Siam Red Jewelry Set Holiday Gifts
(SKU: NSC941) Champagne Color in Crystal Colorado Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC940) Perfect Gift For Mother Necklace Surgical Post Earrings in Jet Crystal
(SKU: NSC939) Prom Party Wear Swarovski Fuchsia Crystal Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC944) Wedding Jewelry In Olive Green Crystals with Surgical Post Earrings
(SKU: NSC947) Sophisticated Elegant Necklace Affordable Jonquil Crystal Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC835) Swarovski Rose Crystals Teardrop Dangling Necklace with Earrings
(SKU: NSC838) Mother's Gift Christmas Time Amethyst Teardrop Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC839) Graceful Y-Neck Aqumarine Crystals Teardrop Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC840) Siam Crystals Teardrop Necklace Earrings Graduation Jewelry
(SKU: NSC849) Wedding Swarovski Ivory Pearls Smoked Topaz Crystals Y-Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC847) Bridal Jewelry Swarovski White Pearls & Red Crystal Necklace Earrings
(SKU: NSC854) Purple Velvet & Violet Crystals Handcrafted Custom Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC856) Custom Made Swarovski Aqua & Turquoise Crystals Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC850) Adorned with Aquamarine & AB Crystal Fine Bridal Jewelry Gift Set
(SKU: NSC851) Eternal Love Swarovski Sapphire Crystals Necklace Earrings Set
(SKU: NSC852) Handmade Jet Crystals with Teardrop Necklace Earrings Wife Gift
(SKU: NSC887) Fashion Handcrafted Ivory Pearls Fuchsia Crystals Set Of Wedding Gifts
(SKU: NSC872) Swarovski Egg Plant Pearls Mother's Gift Three Stranded Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC685) Dainty Lite Siam Red Crystals String & Stud Earrings Crystals
(SKU: NSC682) Bridesmaid Jewelry Cheap Sapphire Crystals Necklace & Earrings Set
(SKU: NSC684) Universal Jewelry Swarovski Colorado Crystals Necklace & Stud Earrings
(SKU: NSC683) Swarovski String Inexpensive Wedding Jewelry Fire Opal Crystals Set
(SKU: NSC686) Crystals Silk Color Swarovski Necklace & Earrings Inexpensive Jewelry
(SKU: NSC687) Handmade Swarovski Turquoise Crystals Necklace & Stud Earrings Jewelry
(SKU: NSC734) Necklace w/ Matching Brooch Bridesmaid Lite & Dark Amethyst Necklace
(SKU: NSC736) Swarovski Crystals Combo of Necklace & Brooch Fuchsia & Rose Crystals
(SKU: NSC735) Inexpensive Necklace & Brooch Wedding Party Jet Black Diamond Crystals
(SKU: NSC733) Swarovski Smoked Topaz Lite Colorado Crystals Srting Necklace & Brooch
(SKU: NSC737) Lite Dark Amethyst Brooch Matching Necklace Wedding Bridesmaid Jewelry
(SKU: NSC740) Exclusive Clear Crystals & Tahitian Swarovski Pearls Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC741) Handmade Jewelry Combo Black & Ivory Jet Crystals & Ivory Pearls Set
(SKU: NSC544) Ivory Pearls Jonquil Crystal Jewelry Set Handcrafted Swarovski
(SKU: NSC545) Swarovski Lite Topaz Crystals Ivory Pearls Jewelry Handmade Necklace
(SKU: NSC720) Crystals Swarovski Siam Red Crystals & Freshwater Pearls Jewelry
(SKU: NSC721) Jet Crystals Necklace & Earrings Set Fashion Freshwater Pearls Jewelry
(SKU: NSC722) Handcrafted Austrian Crystals Amethyst Freshwater Pearls Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC716) Handmade Artisan Smoked Topaz Crystals Freshwater Pearls Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC714) Unique Cheap Swarovski Crystals Freshwater Pearl Sapphire Blue Jewelry
(SKU: NSC778) Rosaline Pearls Teardrop w/ Rose Crystals Lariat & Earrings Jewelry
(SKU: NSC777) Clear Cube Crystals White Pearls Lariat Necklace & Sterling Earrings
(SKU: NSC785) Black Pearls Crystals Leather Lariat Necklace Jet Crystal Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC779) Wedding Peach Crystals Peach Pearls Lariat Necklace Sterling Earrings
(SKU: NSC780) Leather Lariat Necklace & Necklace Black Briollete Clear Crystals Set
(SKU: NSC781) Leather Lariat Powder Rose Pearls Fuchsia Crystals & Sterling Earrings
(SKU: NSC783) Brown Mocca Pearls Jewelry w/ Smoked Topaz Crystals Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC786) Blue Pearls Lariat Aquamarine Crystals Leather Necklace & Earrings Set
(SKU: NSC784) Lariat Leather Cord Pearls Jewelry w/ Colorado Crystals Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC782) Copper Dress Leather Lariat Copper Pearls Crystals Necklace & Earrings
(SKU: NSC703) Heart Jewelry Vitral Medium Swarovski Crystals Pendant Earrings Set
(SKU: NSC704) Clear Crystals Heart Pendant Earring Set Dainty Valentine Heart Gift
(SKU: NSC709) Lite Sapphire Crystals Heart Pendant Earrings Valentine Gift Jewelry
(SKU: NSC706) Swarovski Emerald Crystals Heart Pendant Jewelery Hoop Valentine Gift
(SKU: NSC702) Heart Jewelry Set Valentine Inexpensive Gift Swarovski Violet Crystals
(SKU: NSC701) Swarovski Blue Zircon Heart Pendant Valentine Inexpensive Gift Jewelry
(SKU: NSC700) Valentine Jewelry Swarovski Peridot Crystals Heart Pendant Earrings
(SKU: NSC699) Inexpensive Valentine Jewelry Swarovski Amethyst Heart Pendant Earring
(SKU: NSC705) Golden Shadow Crystals Heart Pendant Bridesmaid Valentine Jewelery Set
(SKU: NSC707) Burmuda Crystals Jewelry Set Swarovski Heart Pendant Earring Gift Set
(SKU: NSC698) Valentine Gift Swarovski Heart Crystal Pendant Aquamarine Earrings Set
(SKU: NSC708) Prom Valentine Sapphire Crystals Heart Pendant Earrings Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC696) Valentine Romantic Siam Red Jewelry Heart Pendant Earrings Necklace
(SKU: NSC697) Dainty Lite Rose Crystals Heart Pendant Earrings Valentine Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC695) Valentine Love Siam Red Crystals Swarovski Heart & Beads Necklace Gift
(SKU: NSC558) Rose Crystals Heart Swarovski Crystals Pendant Earrings Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC488) Padparadscha Crystals Swarovski Crystals Heart Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC732) Truly Love Artisan Romantic Fuchsia Crystals Heart Pendant Jewelry
(SKU: NSC647) Golden Wire Round Necklace w/ Swarovski Topaz & Fire Opal Crystals Set
(SKU: NSC648) TriColor Crystals Golden Wire Round Necklace Golden Shadow Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC738) Trendy Classy Stylish Tahitian Pearls & Clear Crystals Wedding Jewelry
(SKU: NSC652) Brown Pearls Lite Smoked Topaz Jewelry Set Drop Down Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC653) Swarovski Pearls Crystals White Pearls & Sapphire Crystal Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC739) Wedding Bridal Swarovski Lite Grey Pearls Clear Crystals Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC633) Ivory Pearls Smoked Topaz Bridal Swarovski Crystals Rondells Jewelry
(SKU: NSC650) Chocolate Pearls Smoked Topaz Crystal Jewelry Bridal Rondells Necklace
(SKU: NSC651) Rose Pink & Fuchsia Crystals Jewelry Set w/ Teardrop Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC527) Chocolate Brown Pearls w/ Aquamarine Crystals Wedding Bridal Jewelry
(SKU: NSC729) Exquisite Passion Lite Siam Red Swarovski Crystal Pendant Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC731) Amethyst Dress Jewelry Crystals Jewelry In Your Own Color Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC730) Affordable Inexpensive Jet Black Crystals Necklace & Earrings Jewelry
(SKU: NSC612) Drop Down Pendant Necklace Swarovski Clear Crystals Handmade Jewelry
(SKU: NSC614) Fuchsia Swarovski Crystals Jewelry Drop Down Pendant Earrings Necklace
(SKU: NSC613) Aquamarine Crystals Swarovski Beads Drop Down Round Crystals Necklace
(SKU: NSC605) Black Diamond Swarovski Round Crystal 3 Beads Pendant Earring Necklace
(SKU: NSC606) Metallic Blue Crystal Drop Down Jewelry Swarovski Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC608) Handcrafted Emearald Crystals Necklace Swarovski Earrings Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC607) Swarovski Crystals Handmade Smoked Topaz Drop Down Custom Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC609) Sexy Siam Red Swarovski Handmade Red Crystals w/ Drop Down Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC618) Swarovski Rose Pink Crystals Drop Down Pendant Handmade Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC610) Sleek Dainty Colorado Swarovski Crystals Bridal Jewelry Round Bead Set
(SKU: NSC611) Olive Green Crystals Necklace & Earrings Custom Jewelry Swarovski Set
(SKU: NSC776) Black Diamond & Grey Crystals Bridal Jewelry w/ Flower Pearls Pendant
(SKU: NSC631) Coral Crystals Jewelry Set w/ Rose Pink Pearls Swarovski Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC775) Freshwater Pearl Corn Shaped Dark Sapphire Crystal Bali Silver Jewelry
(SKU: NSC158) Vintage Necklace White FreshWater Pearls & Swarovski Fuchsia Crystals
(SKU: NSC774) Seduction Claret Swarovski Crystals w/ Pure White Pearls Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC632) Siam Red Swarovski Crystals w/ Rose Pink Pearls Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC772) Lite Colorado Crystals w/ Clear Crystals Bridal Wedding Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC589) Swarovski Tri-Color Crystals Jet Black Diamond Clear Swarovski Jewelry
(SKU: NSC592) Sapphire TriColor Dark & Lite Sapphire Crystals Swarovski Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC590) AB Amethyst Swarovski Crystals Necklace Set Amethyst Jewelry
(SKU: NSC593) Lite & Dark Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystals Necklace Set Jewelry Brown
(SKU: NSC591) Capri Color Swarovski Crystals w/ Sapphire Blue Crystals Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC588) Swarovski Siam Red & Jet Black Swarovski Crystals Necklace Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC581) Powder Green Pearls w/ Turmarine Swarovski Crystals Custom Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC570) Black Cross Pendant Swarovski Jet & Black Diamond Crystals Necklace
(SKU: NSC580) Lite Smoked Topaz & Golden Shadow Crystals Cross Pendant Necklace
(SKU: NSC658) Swarovski Aquamarine Turquoise Clear Crystals Jewelry Set TriColor Set
(SKU: NSC773) Tanzanite Crystals Wedding Jewelry Swarovski Tanzanite Teardrop Set
(SKU: NSC587) Smoked Topaz Crystals Swarovski Sterling Silver Earrings Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC538) Black Crystals Jewelry Set Swarovski Jet Silver Earrings Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC536) Blue Turquoise Aquamarine Swarovski Crystals w/ Teardrop Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC382) Clear Crystals Necklace & Earrings Swarovski Clear Silver Jewelry
(SKU: NSC260) Handcrafted Crystals Jewelry Siam Red w/ Cream Pearls Necklace Set Y
(SKU: NSC213) Swarovski Aquamarine Turquoise Crystals Y Necklace Set Custom jewelry
(SKU: NSC242) Crystals Jewelry Red Necklace Set Y Handcrafted Swarovski Crystals
(SKU: NSC484) Aquamarine Swarovski Crystals Pearls Tassel Drop Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC485) White Pearls Gernuine Swarovski Siam Red Crystals Tassel Drop Necklace
(SKU: NSC320) Swarovski Lime Jonquil Crystals Necklace Set Teardrop Earring
(SKU: NSC287) Chrysolite Satin Swarovski Crystals Round Neck Necklace String
(SKU: NSC288) Round Neck Necklace String Swarovski AB 2X Crystals Necklace
(SKU: NSC338) Sparkling NEW Swarovski Dorado Crystals String Necklace Expresso Color
(SKU: NSC585) AB Golden Shadow Crystals Light & Dark Cube Crystals Handmade Jewelry
(SKU: NSC541) Cube Crystals Handmade Jewelry AB Swarovski Beautiful Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC415) Peach Crystals Custom Handcrafted Jewelry w/ Cute Dangling Earrings
(SKU: NSC350) Bridal Bridesmaid Fine Jewelry Swarovski Topaz Crystals Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC349) Handcrafted Custom Jewelry Swarovski Capri Blue Crystals Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC341) Swarovski Amethyst Crsytal Jewelry Handcrafted Custom Crystals Jewelry
(SKU: NSC345) Fashion Jewelry Handcrafted Custom Jet & Siam Red Crystals Necklace
(SKU: NSC557) White Pearls Clear Crystals Jewelry Swarovski Pearls Crystals Necklace
(SKU: NSC559) Sexy Pink Pearls Crystals Jewelry Set Swarovski Pearl Crystal Necklace
(SKU: NSC222) Necklace Set Swarovski Darkest Purple Pearls w/ Toggle Clasp
(SKU: NSC225) Rosaline Swarovski Pearls Necklace Set Chain 22k Gold Plated
(SKU: NSC227) 22k Gold Plated Swarovski Cream Pearls Handcrafted Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC224) Necklace Set Smoked Topaz Pearls Toggle Clasp At Back 22k Gold Plated
(SKU: NSC339) Handcrafted Custom Jewelry Potato Freshwater Pearls Peach Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC315) Sapphire BICONE Swarovski Crystal Heart Cute Pendants Necklace
(SKU: NSC150) Peach freshwater Pearls custom peach Crystals 20 Inches Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC319) Evening Party Jewelry Peridot Crystals Necklace Set TearDrop Pendant
(SKU: NSC463) AB Crystals Heart Pendant Jewelry Set 28mm AB Heart Pendant & Earrings
(SKU: NSC499) Flower Girl Jewelry Bronze Pearls Smoked Topaz Crystal Octagon Pendant
(SKU: NSC500) White Pearls Swarovski Flower Girl Jewelry AB Crystals Octagon Earring
(SKU: NSC502) Swarovski Lavender Crystals White Pearls Octagon Pendant Earrings Sets
(SKU: NSC385) Handmade Meroon Swarovski Pearls & Vintage Rose Crystals Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC386) Pink Pearls & Crystals Necklace & Earrings Swarovski Handmade Jewelry
(SKU: NSC001) Peach Fire Opal & Light Peach Crystals Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC380) Handmade Swarovski Crystals Jewelry Chalk AB Chalk Necklace & Earrings
(SKU: NSC450) Crystals Swarovski AB 2X Necklace AB Crystal Teardrop Jewelry Necklace
(SKU: NSC471) Violet Swarovski Jewelry Set Crystals Necklace Set w/ Pendant
(SKU: NSC475) Black Swarovski Crystals Jewelry Jet Sparkling Necklace Set w/ Pendant
(SKU: NSC403) Swarovski Indicolite Crystal White Pearls Sterling Silver Earrings Set
(SKU: NSC404) Swarovski Emerald AB Crystals Necklace w/ Green Pearls Silver Earrings
(SKU: NSC443) White Opal Crystals Freshwater Pearls Siam Red Swarovski Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC410) Swarovski Crystals Jewelry Dark AB Sapphire Tear Drop Pendant Earrings
(SKU: NSC414) Carnelian Beads Jewelry Swarovski Ceylon Crystals Necklace & Earrings
(SKU: NSC381) Amethyst Swarovski Crystals Beaded Jewelry Grey Pearls Silver Earrings
(SKU: NSC420) Black Swarovski Crystals Beaded Jewelry AB Jet Necklace Set Tear Drop
(SKU: NSC419) AB Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal Jet Crystals Cute Drop Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC402) Custom Jewelry Swarovski White Pearls Peach Crystals Neckace Set
(SKU: NSC361) Handcrafted Jewelry Champagne Swarovski Pearls Necklace Stud Earrings
(SKU: NSC412) Indicolite AB Swarovski Crystals Handmade Jewelry Cute Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC413) Dorado & Jet Swarovski Crystals Handmade Custom Jewelry Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC383) Handmade Swarovski Jewelry Sapphire Crystals Tear Drop Pendant Earring
(SKU: NSC363) Champagne Jewelry Swarovski Pearls Earrings w/ Crystals Pendant
(SKU: NSC002) Swarovski Lite Aquamarine Crystals Lite Blue Night Pearls Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC144) Light Purple Freshwater Pearls w/ Purple velvet Crystals Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC316) Ethnic Blue Zircon Crystals Swarovski Crystals Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC384) Swarovski Crystals Metallic Blue 2x & Black Pearls Hadcrafted Jewelry
(SKU: NSC333) Ethnic Necklace Set Swarovski Peach Pearls Crystals Bali Silver Beads
(SKU: NSC214) Swarovski Crystals & Pearls In Peach & Fire Opal Crystals Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC215) Swarovski Crystals Pearls Aquamarine Blue Handcrafted custom Set
(SKU: NSC210) Handcrafted Necklace Swarovski Aquamarine & Turquoise Crystals
(SKU: NSC283) Peach Necklace Set Swarovski Peach Pearls Crystals Handcrafted Jewelry
(SKU: NSC366) AB Jet Swarovski Crystals Mystic Pearls Bali Silver Handmade Necklace
(SKU: NSC262) Erinite Crystals White Pearls Necklace Set Swarovski Crystals Jewelry
(SKU: NSC145) Mystic Swarovski Jet Pearls Dark Grey Pearl Heart Pendant Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC321) Sunset Siam Red Copper Crystals Bali Silver Party Jewelry Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC619) Swarovski Olivine Crystals Handmade Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC621) Indicolite Necklace Set Swarovski Crystals Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC620) Swarovski Crystals Jewelry Set Siam Red Crystals Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC622) Handmade Swarovski Crystals Necklace Set Montana Blue Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC136) Vintage Necklace Set in Swarovski Emerald Crystals
(SKU: NSC597) Swarovski Clear Crystal Bridal Birdemaides Jewelry Set Custom Necklace
(SKU: NSC148) Swarovski Light purple Pearls w/ violet purple Crystals Y Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC457) Dark Brown Smoked Topaz Crystals Bronze Pearls Y Necklace Jewelry Set
(SKU: NSC247) Necklace & Earrings Pearls & Multi Cystals w/ Dangling Pendant
(SKU: NSC229) Wedding Necklace Swarovski Cream Pearls & Siam Red Crystals w/ Pendant
(SKU: NSC102) Swarovski Cream Rose Pearl Crystal Necklace Handcrafted Custom Jewelry
(SKU: NSC105) Swarovski Blue & AB Crystals w/ Pendant Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC115) Swarovski Rosaline & Burgundy Pearls Handcrafted Custom Necklace Set
(SKU: NSC003) White & Rosaline Pearls Necklace & Earrings Handcrafted Custom Jewelry
(SKU: NSC005) Multicolor Crystals Lite Rose Peridot Topaz Lilac Shadow Jet Necklace
(SKU: NSC334) Swarovski Jewelry White Pearl Volcano Crystal Necklace Set Bali Silver
(SKU: NSC109) Swarovski Smoked Topaz & Lime Necklace & Earrings
(SKU: NSC118) Swarovski Garnet Crystals & Cream Rose Pearls Necklace Custom Jewelry
(SKU: NSC111) Swarovski Green Pearls Necklace Set
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