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(SKU: BR086) Sterling 92.5 Bracelet Turquoise Design Silver Cuff Bracelet
(SKU: BR081) Sterling Silver Oxidized w/ Green Turquoise Cut In Diamond Bracelet
(SKU: BR071) Green Turquoise Square Bangle Sterling Silver 92.5 Cuff Bracelet
(SKU: BR060) Sterling Silver 92.5 Mother of Pearls Bangle Bracelet
(SKU: BR042) Sterling Silver Inlay Mother OF Pearl Sterling Cuff Bracelet
(SKU: BR075) Bracelet Turquoise Coral Onyx Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
(SKU: BR041) Sterling Silver 92.5 stamped Multi Mother of Pearl Stone Cuff Bracelet
(SKU: BR043) Sterling Silver Multi Mother Of Pearl Bracelet
(SKU: BR040) Sterling Silver Multi Mother Of Pearl Bracelet
(SKU: BR006) Sterling Silver Bracelet & Ring w/ Coral Red Sea Stone
(SKU: BR007) Sterling Silver Pink Mother Of Pearls Bangle Bracelet
(SKU: BR037) Sterling Silver 92.5 Engraved Mother Pearl Bracelet
(SKU: BR044) Sterling Silver 92.5 Engraved Mop Shell Bracelet
(SKU: BR035) Sterling Silver 92.5 Engraved Bracelet
(SKU: BR011) Red Turtle in Silver Sterling 92.5 Stamped
(SKU: BR070) Self Designed Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet w/ Border Designed
(SKU: BR069) Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Self Designed Bracelet
(SKU: BR085) Green Turquoise Celtic Knot Sterling Silver 92.5 Bangle Bracelet
(SKU: BR024) Sterling Silver 92.5 Stamped Celtic Knot Bangle Bracelet
(SKU: BR083) Turquoise Tear Drop Inlaid Stone Sterling Silver 92.5 Bracelet
(SKU: BR082) Green Turquoise Inlaid Stone Sterling Silver 92.5 Bracelet
(SKU: BR038) Interwoven Three Layer Sterling Silver 92.5 Cuff Silver Bracelet
(SKU: BR010) Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet Ethnic Designed Silver Sterling 92.5
(SKU: BR019) Sterling Silver 92.5 Bracelet Inlay white mother Pearls Bracelet
(SKU: BR014) Sterling Silver Faceted Black Mother Of Pearl Bangle Bracelet
(SKU: BR026) 3 Stone Lite Green Turquoise Sterling Silver 92.5 Cuff Bracelet
(SKU: BR029) Sterling 92.5 Silver Jingle Bell Chain Bracelets w/ Dolphin Dangling
(SKU: BR012) Bracelet Cuff in Sterling 92.5 Stamped w/ Turquoise Stone
(SKU: SPEN020) Sterling Silver Pendant w/ Abalone Inlay Silver Designed Sterling 92.5
(SKU: SPEN004) Moon Sterling Silver Pendant Inlaid Turquoise Sterling Silver Pendant
(SKU: SPEN002) Pendant Turuquosie Square Sterling Silver Pendant
(SKU: SPEN027) Flat Square Onyx Sterling Silver Pendant
(SKU: SPEN007) Turquoise Green Rectangle Pendant Sterling Silver Pendant
(SKU: SPEN006) Turtle Abalone Shell STERLING Silver PENDANT Weight 15.4 gm
(SKU: SER044) Striking Sterling Silver Inlay Black Onyx Silver 92.5 Earrings
(SKU: SER041) Sterling Silver Red Coral Earrings Sterling 92.5 Earrings
(SKU: SER010) Rectangular Sterling Silver Earrings w/ Leamon Mother of Pearl Inlay
(SKU: SER003) 925 Silver with Mother Of Pearl Inlay Earrings
(SKU: SER005) Sterling Silver Mother of Pearls Inlaid Leaf Shaped Earrings
(SKU: SER029) Green Turquoise Sterling Silver Inlaid Leaf Shaped Earrings
(SKU: SER009) Inlay 925 Sterling Silver w/ Green Mother Of Pearl Flower Earrings
(SKU: SER002) 925 Silver Flower with Mother Of Pearl Inlay Earrings
(SKU: SER027) Green Turquoise Classy Inlay Sterling Silver Earrings
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