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(SKU: HH176) White Enamel Tie Pendant Hip Hop Jewelry Cubic Zircon 24 inches Chain
(SKU: HH082) Blue Roller Blades Dog Tag Pendant Quickies Skull Luck 24 Inches
(SKU: HH183) Gold Cross Pendant Cubic Zircon Encrusted Cross Pendantal
(SKU: HH116) Sexy Flirty Heart Pendant Necklace
(SKU: HH130) Double Heart w/ Arrow Pendant Necklace Red Cubic Zircon Hearts Pendant
(SKU: HH140) Valentine Love Note Envelope Pendant kiss Dangling Necklace 24 inches
(SKU: HH135) Chunky Mask Enamel w/ Cubic Zircon Spread On Mask 24 Inches Necklace
(SKU: HH094) Gold Plated Christmas Pendant Necklace Prosperity Jewelry
(SKU: HH197) Cubic Zirconia Iced Weed Pendant Men Jewelry Sparkling Thick Necklace
(SKU: HH190) Flashy Dollar Pendant Affordable Sparkling Pendant Long Necklace
(SKU: HH002) Simulated Cubic Zircon Diamond Pendant Necklace
(SKU: HH071) Fish Pendant Hip Hop Necklace & Pendant Embedded Bling Bling Jewelry
(SKU: HH005) Pink Crystals Cute Purse Pendant Necklace
(SKU: HH139) Vintage Mask Enamel w/ Cubic Zircon Spread On Mask 24 Inches Necklace
(SKU: HH067) Gold & CZ Heart Pendant Gold Tone Shimmering Necklace 16 inches
(SKU: HH179) Kiss Me Smooch Pendant Kissy Lips Embedded w/ Cubic Zircon Shimmering
(SKU: HH167) Hematite Skull Earrings Skeleton Jewelry Pierced Earrings w/ Red Eyes
(SKU: HH163) Skull Earrings Pierced Crossbone Earrings
(SKU: HH169) CrossBone Skull Earrings Pierced Earrings
(SKU: HH128) Red Heart Red Cubic Zircon Heart Pendant Hip Hop Shimmering w/ CZ
(SKU: HH170) Silver Crown Hip Hop Pendant Embedded w/ Cubic Zircon Crown BLING!
(SKU: HH096) Cubic Zircon Double Dog Tag Hip Hop Necklace Ice Shimmering 28 Inches
(SKU: HH122) HipHop STAR 22k Gold Plated Pendant Thick Chained Necklace Gold Plated
(SKU: HH070) Gold Gun Pendant Barrel Spins Shimmering Bling Bling Necklace Pistol
(SKU: HH052) Barrel Spins Gun Pendant Men Hip Hop Jewelry Silver Pistol Bling Bling
(SKU: HH074) Copper Oxidized Gun Pendant w/ Barrel Spins Gun Men Pistol Necklace
(SKU: HH188) Bling Bling Spinning HipHop Silver Crown Spinning Pendant Cubic Zircon
(SKU: HH234) Fancy Cat Pendant Orange & White w/ Fire Opal Crystals Bow Necklace
(SKU: HH038) Exclusive Hip Hop Pendant 50 Cents in Green Necklace
(SKU: HH101) Saphire & Aquamarine Cross Pendant Embedded Rhinestones Shades of Blue
(SKU: HH119) Iced Out King Crown Hip Hop Pendant w/ 24 Inches Bling Chain
(SKU: HH024) Captivating Silver Plated Sparkling Crown Cuff Bracelet w/ CZ Stones
(SKU: HH121) Hip Hop Gold Plated Crown 28 Inches Necklace & Pendant Crown BLING
(SKU: HH194) Swastik Good Luck Pendant Necklace Fancy Swastik Pendant Thick Chain
(SKU: HH010) Crown Pendnat Necklace w/ Very Delicate Sophisticate Pendant Desigen
(SKU: HH041) Flashy Crown Pendant Necklace w/ Crystals Cubic Zircon Rhinestones
(SKU: HH026) Hip Hop Shimmering Spinning Cross Pendantal CZ Rhodium Chain 32 inches
(SKU: HH182) Black Tie Pendant Hip Hop Jewelry w/ Cubic Zircon Designed Pendant
(SKU: HH090) Silver & Black Spider Web Pendant Hip Hop Necklace w/ Black Crystals
(SKU: HH156) Jaguar Pendant Necklace 22k Gold Plated Pendant w/ Cubic Zircon
(SKU: HH173) Crown Queen Elizabeth Coin 2 Shimmering Keys Pendant Dangling Necklace
(SKU: HH159) Goggle Pendant Striking Black Goggle CZ Hip Hop Shimmering 26 inches
(SKU: HH064) Silver CZ Heart Pendant Shimmering Necklace 18 inches
(SKU: HH113) Cubic Zircon Heart Pendant Hip Hop Shimmering w/ CZ 24 inches Chain
(SKU: HH129) Valentine kiss Pendant w/ Love Note Envelope Necklace 24 inches Chain
(SKU: HH141) Cross Pendant Necklace Aquamarine Saphire Fully Embedded Rhinestones
(SKU: HH144) Black Rhinestones Cross Pendant Necklace 26 Inches Chain
(SKU: HH109) Anchor Pendant Necklace w/ Aquamarine Crystal Embedded Jewelry
(SKU: HH110) Hip Hop Anchor Pendant Necklace w/ Jet Crystal Embedded Accessory
(SKU: HH092) Yellow Gold Spider Web Pendant Hip Hop Necklace w/ Cubic Zircon
(SKU: HH050) Gold Bling Bling Jewelry Swastick Pendant ICe Shimmering Pendant w/ CZ
(SKU: HH137) Swastik Pendant 22k Gold Plated Necklace Gold Bling Bling Jewelry
(SKU: HH072) World Cup Soccer Pendant Hip Hop Men Necklace 26 Inches
(SKU: HH107) Skull Head Iced Bling Bling Pendant Necklace
(SKU: HH166) Skeleton Earrings Chandelier Cubic Zircon Skeleton Earrings Pierced CZ
(SKU: HH013) Gold Hip Hop Pendant Musical Node Rectangular Gold Head Phone Necklace
(SKU: HH123) Blin Bling King Crown Hip Hop Pendant w/ 28 Inches Chain BLING
(SKU: HH181) Red Tie Pendant Hip Hop Jewelry Red Cubic Zircon Designed Pendant
(SKU: HH133) Anchor Cubic Zircon Pendant w/ Black Crystal Embedded Hip Hop Chain
(SKU: HH164) Skeleton Fulll Body Earrings Chandelier Cubic Zircon Skeleton Earrings
(SKU: HH168) Black Stud Eyes Skull w/ Top Hat Dangle Fashion Earrings
(SKU: HH077) LA Bling Diamond Dog Tag Pendant 28 inches Long
(SKU: HH097) Christmas Pendant Necklace Prosperity Jewelry
(SKU: HH069) Diamante Necklace Silver CZ Heart Pendant Shimmering Choker 14 inches
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