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(SKU: NS1400) Vintage Personalized Bridal Jewelry Gray Pearl Rhinestones Gray Stud Earrings Set
(SKU: NS1396) Complete Wedding Statement Ivory Necklace Stud Earrings Stretchable Bracelet
(SKU: NS1363) Traditional Modern Vintage Inspired Complete Wedding Jewelry In Champagne Pearls
(SKU: NS1371) Gray Pearls Wedding Statement Necklace Bridal Jewelry Bridesmaid Necklace Earrings Bracelet
(SKU: NS1412) Blush Pink Pearl Rhinestones Necklace Earrings Bracelet Wedding Set
(SKU: NS1375) Graduation Necklace Set Prom Jewelry Orange Pearls Swarovski Clear Crystals Set
(SKU: NS1437) Ivory Pearl Swarovski Clear Crystals Floating Necklace Set
(SKU: NS1393) Wedding Jewelry Set Pewter Jewelry Silver Gray with Shadow Crystals
(SKU: NS1399) Wedding Great Gift Double Strands Twisted Necklace Earrings Set
(SKU: NS1413) Hot pink Ivory Bridesmaid Jewelry Set Necklace Earrings Set with Rhinestone Spacer
(SKU: NS1428) Blush Pink Pearl Necklace Earrings Braceket Wedding Bridesmaid Jewelry
(SKU: NS1421) Champagne Ivory Cluster Necklace Earrings Wedding Bridesmaid Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS1338) Salmon Lite Gray Magenta Gift Chunky Pearls Necklace Earrings Set Wedding Gift
(SKU: NS1326) Soft Pink Pearl Chunky Beaded Necklace with Earring Bridal Gift
(SKU: NS1300) Cluster Necklace Grape Earrings In Kelly Green Pearls & Crystals Bridesmaid Jewelry
(SKU: NS1302) Bridesmaid Affordable Hot Pink Cluster Necklace Set Gorgeous Wedding Gift
(SKU: NS1339) Fine Jewelry Set Bridesmaid In Ivory And Champagne Pearls Two Strands Twisted Necklacet
(SKU: NS1331) Pretty Purple Jewelry Set In Gorgeous Colors Plum Purple Lilac Twisted Double Strands Necklace Earrings Set
(SKU: NS1348) Twisted Double Strand Necklace Magenta And Black Pearls Bridesmaid Pink Black Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS1320) Twisted Necklace Brown Pearls Bridesmaid Jewelry Set Other Colors Available
(SKU: NS1321) Ivory Pearl Twisted Necklace with Matching Grape Earrings Perfect Gorgeous Jewelry
(SKU: NS1322) Double Strand Lilac Purple Pearls Twisted Necklace Grape Earrings Appealing Jewelry
(SKU: NS1325) Wedding Bridesmaid Bridal Jewelry Stunning Pink Pearl Twisted Necklace with Grape Earrings
(SKU: NS1324) Maid of Honor Jewelry In Yellow Pearls Twisted Necklace with Grape Earrings
(SKU: NS1310) Classic Splendid Double Stranded Wedding Necklace with Grape Bunch Earrings
(SKU: NS1306) Beautiful Designed Jewelry Ivory Pearl Wedding Bridal Bridesmaid Three Strand Set
(SKU: NS1227) Timeless Elegant Black Pearl Double Stranded Necklace Set Rhinestones Spacer
(SKU: NS811) Sparkling Jewelry Prom Wife Wedding Jewelry Burnt Brow & Ivory with diamond Spacer
(SKU: NS1163) Sparkling Rhinestones Rings Spacer Yellow Pearls Wedding Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS656) Bridal Bridesmaid Wedding Ivory Pearl Jewelry Set W/ Silver Diamante Saprkling Gorgeous Pearl Complete Set
(SKU: NS164) Bronze Brown Bridal Bridesmaid Rondells Jewelry Stretchable Bracelet
(SKU: NS560) Lavender Pearls Jewelry Set Faux Lavender Pearl Bridesmaid Sterling Silver 92.5 Earrings w/ Stretchable Bracelet
(SKU: NS525) Faux Cream Pearl Bridesmaide Jewelry Set Sterling Silver 92.5 Earrings w/ Stretchable Bracelet
(SKU: NS522) Black Pearls Jewelry Set Immitation Pearls Necklace Set Sterling Silver 92.5 Earrings w/ Stretchable Bracelet
(SKU: NS523) Bronze Brown Pearls Bridesmaide Jewelry Set Simulatd Brown Pearl Necklace Sterling Earring w/ Stretchable Bracelet
(SKU: NS528) Pink Pearl Jewelry Set Bridal Bridsemaid Faux Pink Pearl Necklace Sterling Silver Earring w/ Stretchable Bracelet
(SKU: NS526) Pearl Jewelry Bridal Bridesmaid Golden Pearl Necklace Sterling Silver Earring w/ Stretchable Bracelet
(SKU: NS527) Bridesmaid Pearl Jewelry Set Grey Faux Pearl Necklace Sterling Silver Earring w/ Stretchable Bracelet
(SKU: NS529) Soothing White Pearls Bridesmaide Pearl Jewelry Set White faux Pearl Necklace Sterling Silver Earring w/ Stretchable Bracelet
(SKU: NS1283) Bridal Bridesmaid AB Crystals Glass Beads Floating Necklace Earrings
(SKU: NS1284) Peridot AB Crystals Glass Beads Back Drop Down Necklace with Earrings
(SKU: NS1095) Jewelry To Go w/ Back Open Bridesmaid Wedding Dress Fall Color
(SKU: NS1265) Double Stranded Illusion Hot Pink Crystal Necklace Set
(SKU: NS980) Double Stranded Glass Beads Chinese Crystals Orange Necklace Earrings
(SKU: NS1266) Wedding Jewelry Bridesmaid Hot Pink Necklace with Dangling Earrings
(SKU: NS1269) Reasonable Low Priced Budget Jewelry Bridesmaid In Purple Gray Color
(SKU: NS005) Prom Bridesmaid Bridal Jewelry Green Pearls Swarovski Erinite Crystals
(SKU: NS1241) Gorgeous Bridal Jewelry Lavender Pearls with Amethyst Crystals
(SKU: NS901) Evening Wear Jewelryf Black Pearls Swarovski Jet Crystals Necklace Set
(SKU: NS004) Illusion Necklace Wedding Jewelry Lime Green Pearls Sapphire Crystals
(SKU: NS1273) Illusion Lite Gray Lite Amethyst Floating Necklace Cute Earrings Set
(SKU: NS1239) Double Stranded Hot Pink Pearls Ancient Look Jewelry Necklace Set
(SKU: NS1224) Stunning Purple Pearl Double Stranded Jewelry Set Bridesmaid Jewelry
(SKU: NS1117) Yellow Pearls Double Stranded Economical Wedding Low Price Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS1105) Reasonable Budget Priced Gifts Party Wedding Pink Pearls Necklace Set
(SKU: NS1107) Timeless Elegant Bridal Ivory Double Stranded Necklace Stud Earrings
(SKU: NS1109) Luster Glass Pearls Purple Double Stranded Necklace Stud Earrings Set
(SKU: NS1113) Elegant Statement On Your Wedding Day w/ White Pearls Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS1119) Nice Green Pearl Jewelry Very Elegant Unique Affordable Double Stranded Set
(SKU: NS1214) Black Pearl Double Stranded Necklace Stud Earrings Ancient Jewelry
(SKU: NS1115) Bridal Collection Customize In Your Color Length Yellow Pearl Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS1111) Pearls jewelry Set Most Popular Bridesmaid Gifts Pink Pearls Jewelry
(SKU: NS720) Bridal Necklace Set Clear Crystals Flower Necklce Set Clear Crystal surgical Post Dangling Wedding Jewelry
(SKU: NS722) Formal Wear Jewelry Set Bridal Necklace Set Jet Black Crystals Flower Necklce Set Jet Black Crystal surgical Post Dangling Wedding Jewelry
(SKU: NS658) Black Crystal Wedding Jewelry Set Jet Crystals Teardrop Black diamondFlower Decorated Necklace Set Affordable Bridesmaid Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS203) Black diamondJet Crystals Bridal Wedding Jewelry Set Cute Flower Necklce Set
(SKU: NS166) Clear Crystals Wedding Jewelry Inexpensive Bridesmaid Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS1018) Looking Wedding Jewelry In Black Color Drop Down Crystals Set
(SKU: NS1087) Prom Party Jewelry Black Jet Crystals Musical Pendant & Earring
(SKU: NS1088) Affordable Gifts Amethyst Crystals Dangling Earrings Round Pendant
(SKU: NS1090) Bridal Smoked Topaz Crystals Pendant Earrings Golden Metal Chain
(SKU: NS1089) Classic Fashion Jewelry Gifts Black Diamond Crystals Dangling Pendant
(SKU: NS1091) Crystals Wedding Bridesmaid Gift Jewelry Amethyst Pendant Earring Set
(SKU: NS1092) Discount On Bridal Wedding & Bridesmaid Black Silver Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS1093) Inexpensive Smoked Topaz Bridal Party Wedding Jewelry Crystals Set
(SKU: NS1072) Elegant Sophisticated Chocolate Brown Bridal Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS1080) Flower Girl Friend Bride Bridesmaid Purple Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS1076) Match Your Jewelry w/ Sangria Colored Wedding Dress
(SKU: NS1075) Glamorous Bridal Bridesmaid Jewelry Dark Purple Necklace Earrings Set
(SKU: NS1082) Affordable Designer Green Turquoise Round Beads Necklace Sets
(SKU: NS1083) Fab Looks The Hottest Style Chalk White Round Beads Jewelry
(SKU: NS1155) Enchanting Bridal Bridesmaid Prom Freshwater Pearls Cat Eye Jewelry
(SKU: NS1213) Bridal Jewelry Customize Bridal Jewelry In Ivory Pearls
(SKU: NS1272) Dark Purple Pearl Jewelry Perfect Complement For Bridemaid Jewelry
(SKU: NS981) Yellow Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry Set Necklace Earrings & Bracelet Set
(SKU: NS982) Hot Pink Pearl Wedding Jewelry Set Necklace Earrings & Bracelet Set
(SKU: NS550) Complete Set Cream Pearl Necklace Earrings Toggle Clasp Bracelet Exclusive Handmade Jewelry
(SKU: NS900) Customize Bridesmaid Flower Girl Butter Peach Pearls Stud Earrings Set
(SKU: NS324) Pure White Soothing Synthetic White Pearl Wedding Jewelry Set White Pearl Complete Set
(SKU: NS653) Red Pearl Complete Set Necklace Earrings Bracelet Beautiful Red Pearl Wedding Bridesmaid Flower Girls Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS427) Wedding Brown Pearls Complete Set Exclusive Hancfrafted Affordable Jewelry
(SKU: NS312) Necklace Earring Bracelet Pink Pearl Complete Set Bridesmaid Wedding Inexpensive Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS885) Never Before Orange Pearls w/ Peach & White Complete Handmade Jewelry
(SKU: NS886) Thrill Pearls Color Burnt Brown Champagne Gold Customize Your Jewelry
(SKU: NS1024) Purple Lilac Designer Round Necklace Set
(SKU: NS1030) Vintage Rhinestone Black Gray Enamaled Butterfly Necklace Set
(SKU: NS1034) Ethinic Amethyst Rhinestones Purple Enameled Butterfly Necklace Set
(SKU: NS1033) Olivine Rhinestones Green Enamaled Butterfly Necklace Set
(SKU: NS1032) Butterfly Lite Colorado Rhinestone Brown Enamaled Necklace Set
(SKU: NS1035) Ethnic Party Siam Rhinestones Red Butterefly Pendant Necklace Set
(SKU: NS1031) Ethinic Aquamarine Rhinestone Blue Green Butterfly Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS1004) Prom Jewelry Christmas Gift Birthday Gift Rose Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS1025) Painted Beads Rectangular Shaped Multi Beads Drop Down Beads Jewelry
(SKU: NS1027) High End Jewelry Fall Season Orange Cat Eye Necklace Earrings Set
(SKU: NS1028) Girl Friend Unique jewelry & Gift Pink Cat Jewelry
(SKU: NS1029) Stunning Saffron Cats Eye Sterling Silver Necklace Earrings
(SKU: NS394) Soothing Blue Cat Eye Necklace Stretchable Bracelet & Sterling Earrings Custom Jewelry
(SKU: NS365) Handcrafted Purple Cat Eye 8mm Faceted Beads Necklace Silver Earrings
(SKU: NS369) Citrine Cat Eye 8mm Handcrafted Sterling Silver Necklace Set
(SKU: NS467) Cat Eye Jewelry Dark Blue Cat Eye 6mm Necklace Set Custom Handmade Beaded Jewelry
(SKU: NS468) Purple Cats Eye Stone 6mm Bead Necklace Set Handcrafted Custom Cat Eye Jewelry w/ Sterling Silver Earrings
(SKU: NS470) Green Cat Eye Jewelry 6mm Green Cat Eye Beaded Necklace & Sterling Silver Earrings Set Handmade
(SKU: NS471) 6mm Cat Eye Necklace Set Royal Blue Sterling Silver Necklace Set Handmade Beaded Jewelry
(SKU: NS388) Elegant Gold Cat Eye Necklace Sterling Silver Earrings Custom Jewelry
(SKU: NS393) Beautiful Blue Jewelry Blue Cat Eye Necklace w/ Sterling Silver Earrings Custom Jewelry
(SKU: NS371) Carnelian Bead 9mm Custom Jewelry Necklace & Sterling Silver Earrings
(SKU: NS368) Sterling Silver Turquoise Cat Eye 8mm & 12mm Necklace & Earrings Set
(SKU: NS370) Sleek Dainty Cutom Jewelry Peach Cat Eye Sterling Silver Necklace Set
(SKU: NS1068) Wedding Beautifull Olive Pearls Olive Nugget Necklace Set
(SKU: NS994) Enamel Ruby Painted Ethnic Artform Pendant & Earrings Set
(SKU: NS003) Stylish Sleek Ethnic Attractive Jewelry Affordable Inexpensive Jewelry
(SKU: NS002) Attractive Jewelry Silver Metal Work Jet & Colorado Rhinestones
(SKU: NS997) Ethnic Gold Pendant w/ Colorado Crystals Brown Multistring Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS998) Stylish Traditional Silver Pendant Black Diamond Crystals Ethnic Set
(SKU: NS999) Tribal Jewelry Silver Stylish Black Enamel w/ Flower Silver Dangling
(SKU: NS001) Artform Vintage Silver Jewelry Choker Style Necklace Earrings
(SKU: NS996) Creative Jewelry In Brass w/ Brown Stone Embedded Party Wear Jewelry
(SKU: NS882) Handcrafted Flower Girl All occasion Jewelry Trio Color Complete Set
(SKU: NS883) Customize Handmade Jewelry Green Lovers Wedding Prom Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS884) Choose Your Wedding Prom Jewelry Dashing Pink Combo Necklace Set
(SKU: NS887) Fashion Jewelry For Every Bridesmaid In Bronze/Ivory Complete Set
(SKU: NS420) White Synthetic Pearls Bridesmaid Jewelry Set Stud Pearls Earrings Set
(SKU: NS385) Simulate Fancy Agate Beads Necklace w/ Sterling Silver Earrings Handcrafted Jewelry
(SKU: NS373) Apple Jade Faceted 8mm Beads Coral 4mm Bead Necklace & Silver Earrings
(SKU: NS357) Custom Handcrafted Turquoise Barrel Round Turquoise Beads Necklace Set
(SKU: NS857) Christmas Jewelry Star Charm Jewelry Beautiful Pink & Fuchsia Stars
(SKU: NS858) Birthday Gift Jewelry Set Affordable Stars Pendant & Earrings Set
(SKU: NS856) Star Charm Necklace Set Enamel Brown Lite & Dark Star Jewelry
(SKU: NS860) Romantic Jewelry Gift Jewelry Affordable Hearts Pendant & Earrings Set
(SKU: NS859) Hearts Pendant & Earrings Jewelry Set Light & Dark Blue Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS850) Beautifully Painted In Black White Designer Round & Earrings Necklace
(SKU: NS852) Champagne Flower Painted Pendant & Earrings Colorado Colorado Crystals
(SKU: NS855) Unique Classic Stylish Jewelry In Latte Mocha Color Flower Jewelry
(SKU: NS848) Vintage Ethnic Enamel Brown Flower & Smoked Topaz Crystals Jewelry
(SKU: NS849) Artform Designed Necklace Set Purple Enamel Flower Pendant Necklace
(SKU: NS861) Onyx Nugget & Freshwater Pearls Necklace Set
(SKU: NS746) Golden Tone Enamel Lite & Dark Purple Necklace Set Ethnic Jewelry
(SKU: NS745) Classic White & Black Enamel Shaded Square Pendants Choker Set Jewelry
(SKU: NS749) Olivine Green Enameled Self Designed Necklace Set Dainty Rhinestones
(SKU: NS750) Sea Turquoise Painted Enameled Leaf Shape Necklace Turquoise Dark Blue
(SKU: NS751) Brown Leaf Beads Jewelry Painted Enameled Leaf Shape Necklace Set
(SKU: NS752) Leaf Shaped Jewelry Ethnic Painted Black & White Leaf Necklace Set
(SKU: NS756) Green Cat Eye Glass Bead Necklace Set Olivine & Dark Olivine Jewelry
(SKU: NS753) Multi Rings Jewelry Beautifully Designed Artist Brown Jewelry
(SKU: NS754) Colorado & Smoked Topaz Necklace Shaded Flower Necklace Set In Brown
(SKU: NS755) Round Oval Pendant Olivine Dark & Light Shaded w/ Gold Metal Jewelry
(SKU: NS719) Pendant Earrings Dangling Necklace Fully Embedded w/ Cubic Zircon
(SKU: NS718) Sparkling Diamante Clear Crystals Jewelry Set Very Cute Triangle Pendant & Earrings Set with Dangling Clear Crystals Necklace Set
(SKU: NS725) Cheap Affordable Wedding Jewelry w/ Simulated Diamond Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS631) Passionate Siam Red Swarovski Crystals Necklace Set Affordable Under $15 with Red Glass Beads Cheap Wedding Jewelry Floating set
(SKU: NS630) Floating Illusion Necklace Set Swarovski Lite Colorado Crystals w/ Tiger Eye Glass Beads Under $15 Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS632) Wedding Pink Jewelry Rose Quartz Fancy Glass Beads with Swarovski Rose Crystals Floating Illusion set
(SKU: NS633) Cheap Wedding Jewelry Bridesmaid Green Dress Jewelry Swarovski Peridot Crystal with Jade Glass Beads Necklace Set
(SKU: NS634) Inexpensive Wedding Jewelry Set Amethyst Swarovski Crystals Floating Illusion Necklace Set w/ Amethyst Glass Beads
(SKU: NS635) Jet Crystal Jewelry Set Swarovski Affordable Necklace Set with Agate Glass Beads Floating Necklacec Set
(SKU: NS904) Black & White Jewelry White Shell Black Beads MultiStrand Necklace Set
(SKU: NS339) Pink Shell Neckace Rose Quartz Nuggets Fancy Bead Handmade Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS381) Three Stranded Necklace Set w/ Black Shell Fancy Onyx Beads Onyx Nuggets Necklace Set Handcrafted Shell Jewelry
(SKU: NS347) Beautiful Carnelian Shell Nugget Fancy Carnelian Beads Necklace Set
(SKU: NS319) Purple Shell Amethyst Nuggets & Fancy Beads Jewelry Necklace Set
(SKU: NS315) Jade Green Shell Green Nugget & Fancy Beads Necklace Green Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS329) Turquoise Fancy Beads Nugget Handcrafted Shell Jewelry Necklace Set
(SKU: NS396) Brown Metallic Round Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set Custom Handcrafted Jewelry
(SKU: NS655) Three Stranded Brown Pearl Bridesmaid Brown Wedding Necklace Set
(SKU: NS716) Bridal Bridemaid Wedding Jewelry Peach Freshwater Pearls Ivory Necklce
(SKU: NS547) Ivory Freshwater Pearl Choker Set Bridesmaid Interwoven Wire Necklace Set Beautiful Dangling Earrings
(SKU: NS505) Clear Crystal And White Freshwater Pearl Choker Necklace Set Bridesmaid Wire Necklace Set w/ Dangling Earrings
(SKU: NS590) Peach Pearls Jewelry Set Peach Freshwater Pearl Choker Set Bridesmaid Interwoven Wire Necklace Set w/ Dangling Earrings
(SKU: NS553) Freshwater Pearl Choker Set Bridesmaid Interwoven Wire Necklace Set w/ Dangling Earrings
(SKU: NS554) MultiColored Freshwater Pearl 3 Stranded Jewelry Peachish Pink White Lavender Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set
(SKU: NS552) Bridesmaid Bronze Faux Pearl 3 Stranded Handcrafted Necklace w/ Dangling Earrings Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS638) Purple Amethyst Wedding Jewelry Set Purple Enamel Flower Necklace Set w/ Pearl Dangling Set Beautiful Affordable Jewelry
(SKU: NS639) Cheap Bridesmaid Jewelry Set Pink Pearl Rhinestone Wedding Necklace Set Flower Necklace Set w/ Pearl Dangling Set Under $15 Jewelry
(SKU: NS493) Aquamarine Blue Enamel Flower And Rhinestones w/ Cute Flower Pearl Dangling Necklace Set Beautiful Jewelry
(SKU: NS201) White Enamel Flower Necklace Set w/ Pearl Dangling Set Beautiful Jewelry
(SKU: NS642) Multi Stranded Pink Necklace Set Vintage Gorgeous Artistically Designed Pink Necklace Set Inexpensive Jewelry
(SKU: NS908) Multistrand Black & White String w/ Silver Ethnic Pendant Earrings Set
(SKU: NS645) Black Grey Vintage Multi Stranded Painted Ethnic Necklace Earrings
(SKU: NS643) GIft Jewelery Under $15 High Quality Olivine Necklace Set Multi Stranded Olivine Christmas Party Jewelry
(SKU: NS648) Black & White Multi String Round Pendant Ethnic Evening Gift Jewelry
(SKU: NS649) Grey Round Pendant Jewelry Necklace Black & White Thread Necklace Set
(SKU: NS650) Ethnic Round Pendant Purple Amethyst Costume Multi String Necklace
(SKU: NS246) SunFlower Pendnat Necklace Set Black Grey Pearl w/ Self designed Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS251) Grey Pendnat Jewelry Set Enamel Grey Multi Stranded Necklace Set
(SKU: NS322) Pink Flower Pendant Jewelry Set Pink Enamel Multi Stranded Necklace
(SKU: NS352) Affordable Heart Jewelry Set Black Multi Heart w/ Sparkling Crystals
(SKU: NS298) Gold Enamel Blue Pendant w/ Paint Multistranded Blue Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS492) Fabulous Gold Peridot Jewelry Set Enamel Multi Strand Green Pendant w/ Paint Designed Pendant Necklace Set
(SKU: NS906) Rectangular Jewelry Ethnic Gorgeous Enameled Brown Necklace Set
(SKU: NS903) Jewelry Blue Round Pendant & Earrings Traditional Jewelry Necklace Set
(SKU: NS272) Ethnic Round Antique Brass Pendant Earrings Multi Strands Red Jewelry
(SKU: NS472) Smoked Topaz Crystals Dangling Flower Jewelry Set Simulated Crystal Necklace Set
(SKU: NS302) Fuchsia Bright Pink Crystals Designer Gorgeous Pink Y Necklace Earring
(SKU: NS410) Fabulous Square Copper Pendant Jewelry Set & Simulated Crystal Necklace & Earring w/ Multi String Necklace
(SKU: NS411) Unique Striking Black Enameled Necklace & Earring w/ Multi String Necklace
(SKU: NS430) Vintage Green Enamel Round Pendant Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS338) Round Wheel Crystals Pendant Necklace Set w/ Simulated Crystal Wheel Pendant/Earrings Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS426) Vintage Black Drop Down Crystals w/ Simulated Crystals Necklace Set
(SKU: NS305) Coral Red Bead w/ Coral Pendant Double Stranded Wire Necklace Earrings
(SKU: NS542) Brown Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set Metallic Brown Purplish Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set
(SKU: NS510) Coral Nugget Chip Beads Freshwater Pearls Necklace & Bracelet
(SKU: NS483) Freshwater Pearls & Onyx Nugget Chips Necklace & Bracelet
(SKU: NS297) Freshwater Pearls Jewelry Set Metallic Purple Freshwater Pearl Necklace Sett
(SKU: NS486) Handcrafted Custom Dyed Freshwater Pearls Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS434) Tiger Eye Jewelry Set Tassel Tiger Eye Necklace w/ Sterling Silver Earrings
(SKU: NS484) Opal Stone Chip & Clear crystal Necklace Set w/ Tassel Drop Handmade w/ Sterling Earrings
(SKU: NS487) Coral Floating Necklace Set w/ Siam Red Crystal Tassel Drop Hndcrafted Jewelry w/ Sterling Earrings
(SKU: NS509) Handcrafted Amber Resin Nugget Stone Chip Necklace Sets NEW!!
(SKU: NS489) Carnelian Stone Chip & Colorado Crystal Jewelry Floating Necklace Set w/ Tassel Drop Silver Earrings
(SKU: NS485) Jade Stone Chip & Erinite Crystal Handcrafted Floating Necklace And Sterling Silver Earrings w/ Tassel
(SKU: NS502) Pink Nugget Handcrafted Necklace Set & Sterling Silver Earrings w/ Tassel
(SKU: NS513) Potato Freshwater Pearl with Genuin Swarovski Erinite Crystal Handcrafted Necklace Set w/ Tassel Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS414) Multi String Freshwater Pearl & Amethyst Stone Chips Handcrafte Necklace Sterling Silver Earrings
(SKU: NS447) Carnelian Bead Jewelry 9mm Carnelian & Carnelian Nugget w/ Silver Beads Spacer Necklace & Sterling Silver Earrings
(SKU: NS360) Handmade Necklace Sets Multi Colored Stone Nuggets & Stone Chip
(SKU: NS358) Blue Turquoise Collection Tuquoise Nugget Necklace Silver Earrings Set
(SKU: NS361) Sterling Silver Trendy Sapphire Stone Chip Custom Handcrafted Necklace
(SKU: NS374) Handcrafted Red & White Stone Chip Necklace w/ Sterling Silver Earrings Custom Jewelry (BRAND NEW)
(SKU: NS433) White Pearls & Coral Red Beads Necklace Set Sterling Silver Earrings
(SKU: NS355) Handcrafted Coral Red Round Faceted Bead Custom Jewelry Necklace Se
(SKU: NS354) Apple Green w/ Matrix Rectangular Turquoise Beads Handcrafted Jewelry
(SKU: NS206) Handcrafted Faceted Red Coral Bead Necklace & Earrings Set
(SKU: NS375) Custom Jewelry Coral 8mm Beads w/ Millefiori Murano Glass Bead
(SKU: NS441) Rice Shaped Freshwater Pearl Metallic Orange Color Handmade Necklace & Fish Wire Earrings
(SKU: NS440) Rice Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Metallic Green Color Handmade Necklace & Fish Wire Earrings
(SKU: NS466) Sterling Silver 6mm Blue Cat Eye Stone Bead Beaded Dangle Hook Earrings Necklace Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS391) Pink Cat Eye 6mm Sterling Silver Necklace Handcrafted Jewelry Set
(SKU: NS474) Red & Pink Enamel Jewelry Necklace & Earrings
(SKU: NS449) Soothing White Cat Eye Handcrafted Jewelry w/ Tear Drop Sterling Silver Earrings
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